Friday, 28 August 2015

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash

Today’s post I am reviewing a Soap&Glory product! This body wash was the first product in the Orangeasm range I had tried. I bought it as a bit of a whim online after running out of my previous body wash and to be honest I wasn’t that fond of the scent. It was quite menthol and a lot less fresh/fruity than I had imagined it would be.

I didn’t really notice my skin was any softer after use and the liquid didn’t foam up that much. The 500ml S&G body washes are always really good value though maybe because the squirty lid makes you use the product sparingly.

It wasn’t unpleasant to use as such but I definitely don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. It just wasn’t my thing at all. Despite this I did like the packaging, it was bright and fun even though the name was in my opinion such a gimmick. I do normally like S&G but wouldn’t recommend this, it retails at £6.50. Click here to buy.

Have you tried this? Do you agree or disagree with my review? What’s your fav S&G product? Xxx

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lifestyle // Shopping Date with A Dear Friend

As you may have seen in my previous post I went into town to do some shopping. I thought in this post I would show some photo snippets from my day. My friend and I wanted to spend some quality time together just before her wedding so we hit the shops and stopped for a bite to eat.

The blogger that I am, I had to take piccies of our amazing refreshments. I had a very indulgent chocolate cake and my friend had an awesome cake with pink icing. She suggested we try the iced lemonade and oh my! It was delicious, plus they looked so Pinterest worthy with the lime and striped straws :-)

We did well with our shopping and picked up some really great things. I took a little photo snippet of what I tried on in the TKMaxx changing rooms. I ended up keeping the green dress and grey swirl pattern top. It was a lovely day, I enjoyed spending it with my friend and hearing her news. If you haven’t already check out my haul from this trip, click here.

What’s been happening with you this month? Been anywhere noteworthy? Xxx

TKMaxx, Primark, Peacocks etc. Haul

Today’s post is a haul from a lovely outing I had with a dear friend. She got married this summer and we had a pre wedding shopping date. I will be doing a lifestyle post on this but for now here is what I purchased :-)

We went in a quite a few different shops in town and my friend took me in TKMaxx. I don’t normally shop in there but I was actually really impressed with their latest stock. I found a few items and took them to the changing rooms. I came out with a green dress and grey top with a sequin trim. I would stay they are both unique pieces and priced fairly reasonably.

I go into Peacocks often and there sale was amazing on the day. I love the denim jacket I got which was reduced from £30 to £10. It has a boho type pattern on the front and makes the perfect light weight jacket for this time of year. I bought a few other bits I will let you check those out in the photos.

What shops have you been lovin’ recently? Did anything that I bought catch your eye? xxx

Grey swirl pattern top £14.99
Green and black pattern dress £14.99

Denim Jacket SALE £10.00
Mini Brief Knickers £5.00

Plain black ballerina pumps £4.00
Summer pattern socks SALE £2.80

Bargain Buys Discount Shop
Galaxy hot chocolate 99p
Coconut mushroom sweets 99p

Rimmel hide the blemish concealer in Ivory £3.99

Given as a birthday gift
Two Barry M Gelly nail polishes in Guava 520 and Cardamom 437

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Asda Strawberry & Forest Fruits Tea Bags

Today I want to do a little review of a fruit tea box that I received for my birthday. I always like to try out new varieties, and this Asda one is great if you are after a cheaper supermarket kind.

I was interested in the flavour of this one and was hoping it would be pretty good. I will mention I had to add sweeter (or sugar) as its surprisingly not overly sweet. After trying it with sweetener I found it to be pleasant but it didn’t have that wow factor taste like some other brands I have tried. It reminded me a little of sugar free Ribena in taste.

The packaging isn’t overly exciting either. On a plus side one tea bag went along way and as soon as I popped it into hot water, it changed into a blackcurrant sort of colour. It’s also quite summer appropriate with it having strawberry and forest fruits included. It maybe be worth trying as iced tea too! I would maybe recommend this tea if you like fruit tea and are looking for something less pricey. Buy 20 tea bags for 74p.

So does this sound like something you would want to try? What is your favourite summer time drink? xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash 200ml

I really loved this product!! The citrus scent was beyond amazing and so authentic and natural. It reminded me a little of the Origins grapefruit body range and was one of the reasons I bought this item. It’s a great affordable dupe and while the origins version is a gel the Weleda version is a cream.

The creamy formula was gorgeous to use in the shower, it lathered up well and I found it moisturising on the skin. I have now used up this product but it lasted me about a good month which isn’t too bad. The packaging is really eye-catching and I love the sturdy cap perfect for ease of use. At £7.95 for a 200ml bottle is was fairly okay in price. In my mind I was interested in paying a little bit extra for a luxury product that I would really enjoy using.

So are you tempted to try the Weleda brand? I’m eager to delve further into this brand and look into other products in the range. Let me know your thoughts! :-) Click here to buy.

Monday, 3 August 2015

North York Moors Cottage Holiday Shopping Haul

Here’s the first of many holiday related posts. In the month of June my family and I went on a two week break in a countryside cottage. There was an amazing health shop near where we were staying and on the last day I purchased a few souvenirs.

They had a beautiful selection of all natural beauty and bath products. Plus some gorgeous natural treats such as chocolate, cereal and fresh goods. Over the two weeks I had been buying the odd chocolate bar and herbal tea box. It was nice to pop in every so often to do this!

I bought three beauty items, the first was an eye shadow palette with four neutral shades included. I have been impressed with this product while using it so far. The Faith In Nature facial wash was a repurchase that I had almost forgotten about for a while now but after reusing it its firmly a holy grail item.

Lastly I bought a Weleda citrus body wash. I have never bought any products by the brand previously. The citrus scent appealed to me and was hoping it was a good dupe for the Origins grapefruit shower gel. Expect a few related reviews coming up shortly. In addition the lovely ladies at the health shop gave me a bag of samples, I was thrilled with these too!

Have you heard of Faith In Nature, Lavera or Weleda beauty brands? Are you interested in any of the products mentioned?

Lavera Eyeshadow Quad in Cappuccino Cream 02 £12.50 (Buy here)
Faith In Nature Rejuvenating Facial Wash 150ml £6.25 (Buy here)
Weleda Citrus Creamy Body wash 200ml £7.95 (Buy here)
+ Free samples from a variety of brands

Friday, 31 July 2015

M&S Herbal Teas (Strawberry & Raspberry, Camomile)

I’m an avid tea drinker so todays post (for you tea lovers!) I thought I would review the M&S herbal tea range. I tried the strawberry & raspberry as well as pure camomile. I think they came to about £1.00 each which in my book is super good value as other brands can be quite pricey.

When I was browsing the tea and coffee isle and I was instantly drawn to the beautiful illustrations on the front of the packaging. I thought they would make excellent quirky gifts for this reason. I gave the pink one to my Mum and the blue to my Dad. While at home I had a sample myself and was pretty pleased.

I would probably say I favoured the strawberry and raspberry as the camomile is more my Dad's thing and I found the taste a bit bland. I could taste the fruit clearly in the Strawberry one and the scent was fairly authentic. It’s not the best fruit tea I’ve tasted alongside say Pukka’s teas but for the price I think it’s very reasonable.

So do you drink tea? Which one of these two do you think you would favour?
Have a fun weekend! :-) xxx

Thursday, 23 July 2015

M&S, Peacocks & Superdrug Haul

It feels like I’ve been doing quite a few hauls lately. I think it’s that time of year when there is so much beautiful stock in different shops. A shop which has been surprising me at the moment is Marks & Spencer’s. Our local shop is pretty with it especially in wedding season. I love looking at their displays at the front of the shop and some of the key pieces are stunning.

I bought a denim skater dress a while back from M&S. It’s so versatile and easy to style. It can be dressed up but I’ve been wearing it during the day with a little jacket or cardi over it. Two tops I bought together from M&S are perfect to wear with jeans and look really smart. The blue top has an intricate cut out detail which I love and the cream shirt has black piping.

And lastly I picked up a baseball style jumper in the Men’s department of Peacocks. I would say it’s not obviously a Men’s jumper, its lovely teamed with jeans and perfect for casual days out. Two beauty picks include an eyebrow comb for my unruly eyebrows and a bloggers fav Fiji nail polish. I will be doing mini reviews for these so stay tuned.

What shops have you been impressed by this summer? Have you been in M&S recently? Xxx

Marks and Spencer’s
Denim Skater Skirt £39.50 (No longer available)
Boho Cut Out Detail Top £28.00 (Buy here)
Cream Shirt with black piping £28.00 (Buy here)

Brooklyn Sports Jumper £12.00 (No longer available)

Revlon eyebrow comb SALE £3.99 (Buy here)
Essie nail polish ‘Fiji’ £7.99 (Buy here)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

For those of you who are yet to try this highly raved about product or maybe you wanted to compare notes if you already have this item here is a little review :-)

I was pleasantly surprised after using it that it really was an awesome concealer. The consistency was quite thick but blended into the skin nicely. I found it to be a high coverage formulation with fabulous staying power.

I rarely give into hype with up and coming products but this one has been around a good while yet I still hear high praises on blogs all over the web. In honesty the price was a deciding factor, at £4.19 from boots it seemed reasonable and I found myself walking to the till with this one in shade fair.

The colour match is just a tiny bit dark for my porcelain skin but lovely in the summer months when I tan up slightly. It only comes in four shades which is a bit disappointing but despite this it is quite simply one of the best concealers I have ever come across especially at drugstore prices. Buy on here.

Have you tried this product? How did you find the shades, did they match up to your skin okay? xxx

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Birthday Haul 2015 :-)

Hey there folks! Today’s post is what I got for my birthday. I received some really lovely things so big thank you to my family, it is much appreciated.

My Mum mentioned she ran out nice wrapping paper to wrap my presents so she used bits and bobs from the scrap box. Personally I love the effort she put into it, the wrapping looked really good especially with the flowers and ribbons!

I got a few ‘beauty blogger’ type items. Basically things that I can blog about later :-) I’m really excited to get stuck into Front Roe by Louise Roe which is a fashion inspiration coffee table book.

My brother bought me some hair care items by V05 which is a brand I had never used before and my Mum got me a Burt’s Bees Lip balm, I love Burt’s bees Brand. I received the same Rituals bath set from the previous year as it was in the sale. The products are divine so I was lucky to get this again.

I really got into buying posh magazines such as Elle from my holiday. The articles are actually really interesting so my Dad kindly bought me a new issue of Vogue and U.S Elle.

Did you like any of my gifts? Has it recently been your Birthday, please send a link just below if you’ve done a haul recently! :-) Xxx