Thursday, 23 July 2015

M&S, Peacocks & Superdrug Haul

It feels like I’ve been doing quite a few hauls lately. I think it’s that time of year when there is so much beautiful stock in different shops. A shop which has been surprising me at the moment is Marks & Spencer’s. Our local shop is pretty with it especially in wedding season. I love looking at their displays at the front of the shop and some of the key pieces are stunning.

I bought a denim skater dress a while back from M&S. It’s so versatile and easy to style. It can be dressed up but I’ve been wearing it during the day with a little jacket or cardi over it. Two tops I bought together from M&S are perfect to wear with jeans and look really smart. The blue top has an intricate cut out detail which I love and the cream shirt has black piping.

And lastly I picked up a baseball style jumper in the Men’s department of Peacocks. I would say it’s not obviously a Men’s jumper, its lovely teamed with jeans and perfect for casual days out. Two beauty picks include an eyebrow comb for my unruly eyebrows and a bloggers fav Fiji nail polish. I will be doing mini reviews for these so stay tuned.

What shops have you been impressed by this summer? Have you been in M&S recently? Xxx

Marks and Spencer’s
Denim Skater Skirt £39.50 (No longer available)
Boho Cut Out Detail Top £28.00 (Buy here)
Cream Shirt with black piping £28.00 (Buy here)

Brooklyn Sports Jumper £12.00 (No longer available)

Revlon eyebrow comb SALE £3.99 (Buy here)
Essie nail polish ‘Fiji’ £7.99 (Buy here)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

For those of you who are yet to try this highly raved about product or maybe you wanted to compare notes if you already have this item here is a little review :-)

I was pleasantly surprised after using it that it really was an awesome concealer. The consistency was quite thick but blended into the skin nicely. I found it to be a high coverage formulation with fabulous staying power.

I rarely give into hype with up and coming products but this one has been around a good while yet I still hear high praises on blogs all over the web. In honesty the price was a deciding factor, at £4.19 from boots it seemed reasonable and I found myself walking to the till with this one in shade fair.

The colour match is just a tiny bit dark for my porcelain skin but lovely in the summer months when I tan up slightly. It only comes in four shades which is a bit disappointing but despite this it is quite simply one of the best concealers I have ever come across especially at drugstore prices. Buy on here.

Have you tried this product? How did you find the shades, did they match up to your skin okay? xxx

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Birthday Haul 2015 :-)

Hey there folks! Today’s post is what I got for my birthday. I received some really lovely things so big thank you to my family, it is much appreciated.

My Mum mentioned she ran out nice wrapping paper to wrap my presents so she used bits and bobs from the scrap box. Personally I love the effort she put into it, the wrapping looked really good especially with the flowers and ribbons!

I got a few ‘beauty blogger’ type items. Basically things that I can blog about later :-) I’m really excited to get stuck into Front Roe by Louise Roe which is a fashion inspiration coffee table book.

My brother bought me some hair care items by V05 which is a brand I had never used before and my Mum got me a Burt’s Bees Lip balm, I love Burt’s bees Brand. I received the same Rituals bath set from the previous year as it was in the sale. The products are divine so I was lucky to get this again.

I really got into buying posh magazines such as Elle from my holiday. The articles are actually really interesting so my Dad kindly bought me a new issue of Vogue and U.S Elle.

Did you like any of my gifts? Has it recently been your Birthday, please send a link just below if you’ve done a haul recently! :-) Xxx

Monday, 13 July 2015

Faith in Nature 3in1 facial wipes (25pk) £3.25

I bought these last year on holiday and realised I had yet to review them. I remember them to be really great quality plus they are all natural. I’m ever so careful about buying certain skin products with having sensitive skin but from purchasing a few items from Faith in Nature before and liking them I thought I would give these ago.

The wipes worked well on my skin, they were scented a little bit with Aloe Vera which I found pleasant and they got rid of makeup really nicely. 25 wipes were included in the pack and this was just the right amount in my book. The packaging was eye-catching and attractive.

I may buy these again and it’s not often I repurchase a beauty/skincare item unless I really do think it’s great. At £3.25 it’s fairly reasonable in price. Click here to buy. Just recently I’ve fallen back in love with the Faith in Nature rejuvenating facial wash, probably my fav skincare item of all time! Review here.

Have you tried anything by Faith in Nature? Do you prefer all natural skincare?

Monday, 6 July 2015

My July Primark Haul (With voucher I won on Sophy’s ‘Dizzy Miss Lizzy’ YouTube channel)

Shout out to the beautiful Sophy from Dizzy Miss Lizzy’s blog and YouTube. She opened a competition to her subscribers a little while ago and I was so chuffed to have won. The prize was a £20 Primark voucher.

Her blog and YouTube channel are awesome. I’ve been following her videos and posts for a while now. I find her ideas for these are really good, and interesting to view. She is always so friendly and genuine in her videos/blogposts plus her editing and style is fab too.

Her YouTube is
Her blog is:

I was really excited to do this blogpost for a couple of reasons. Firstly it was the first competition I had won on YouTube plus I had been in and out of Primark a couple of times and come out with nothing. However last weekend I went in and there were so many gorgeous items in stock.

I thought the sale that day was excellent. The young man that served me said it was one of the busiest weekends for the shop. I felt like I came out with some real gems and at sale prices too. I went on a Sunday as I find it less busy and arrived just as it was opening. I headed straight to the back where it was less busy and had a good look in the sale bit. I had a good wander round the shop then went to the changing rooms before it got busy. Afterwards I picked up my accessories :-)

I won’t go into too much depth about individual items but let me know your fav items from the photographs. Have you been shopping in Primark lately? Do you like what I bought? :-) xxxx

Yellow speckle cosy jumper (SALE) £5.00
Lime green cardigan (SALE) £5.90
Orange knitted top (SALE) £5.00
Monochrome grid top (SALE) £5.00
Monochrome panel skirt (SALE) £5.00
White knit jumper £10
Supportive sport socks (SALE) £1.00
5pk of blue tennis socks £2.50
Grey Knit Slippers £3.00
2pk detail belts £3.00
2pk embroidered belts £2.00
Pineapple scrunchie £1.50
50pk elastic bobbles £1.00
5pk neon swirl bobbles £1.50
Body Puffs £1.00 X 2
(I went over the £20)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Philosophy The Classics Gift Set

I received this gorgeous bath set last Christmas. Originally priced at £22 at Boots and Debenhams it went down to £11 in the sale. Today I had a check to see if it was still available to buy and couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. I wanted to share my thoughts on the products as each product is a classic of the Philosophy brand and can be purchased separately. So shall we begin? :-)

Included were vanilla birthday cake, melon daiquiri and raspberry sorbet all in a 180ml bottle. My fav of the bunch was vanilla birthday cake. It’s sweet, really appealing and authentically scented. The other two were lovely, fruitier but equally authentic and luxuriously scented.

I found the 180ml bottles a really great size. Great for travelling but a lot bigger than those tinny travel sized products you find it chemists etc. Perfect to try out but it had taken me ages to use all three bottles so worked out better value. I loved the packaging and design on the front. The box it came in was lovely also.

The quality of the product was excellent. I mostly used it as a shower gel but also as a shampoo and bubble bath. The liquid was glossy and glittery and as a body wash it lathered up quite well. As a shampoo it was above average and was suited maybe to more greasy/limp hair. I found it added volume but wasn’t very nourishing. I loved it as a bubble bath. It made the bath water gorgeous smelling and created an iridescent shine to the bubbles and water. Click here to visit Philosophy online.

Have you tried anything from Philosophy? What is your go to product to use in the bath/shower? Xx

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Activity ideas for a laid back holiday & what I’ll be doing on my countryside cottage holl.

We go away next Friday to a countryside cottage for two weeks. It’s a very calming, tranquil place to spend time. They have beautiful farm animals including horses and a few pubs and cafes nearby to grab a bite.

I spend quite a bit of time before we go deciding what activities to take simply because it’s quiet where we stay and I want to keep myself occupied.

This year I’ve collected some books which I can’t wait to get stuck into. Two of the three books are new authors to me so I’m hoping for good things. In addition I have a selection of films to watch as they have a TV and DVD player. Mostly films I haven’t already seen therefore they will be a surprise to me when I watch them.

I wanted to branch out in the magazines I am taking this year. Company magazine is no more and felt like a bit of a change anyway. I opted for Hello and Hello fashion magazine so I will see how that goes. I have a few new CDs too to play on my Walkman.

Lastly I was going to dabble with my creative skills and do a bit of sketching. Included in my packing list are watercolour pencils, graphic pens and pencils as well as a really cute sketchbook. In addition I might do some baking as they have cooking facilities.

To recap here’s a few ideas you might like to try for yourself…

-   Read a new book by an author you’ve never come across before.
-   Have a DVD session and catch up on latest films
-   Step out of your comfort zone with other reading material such as a different magazine.
-   Treat yourself to a new CD and listen to it on holiday
-   Take a sketch book and pencils. Draw what you see!
-   If you have cooking facilities where you are staying try a bit of baking. Even a ready mix will
    do :-)

Did you like this post? What are your holiday plans? xx

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Leeds Weekend Shopping Haul

This is part two of my Leeds weekend post. Go to the previous post here. So I thought I would show you the things I bought, let’s get started….

My favourite clothing item I picked up would have to be the linen shirt from Marks & Spencer’s. In my opinion it’s such a lovely casual versatile piece. Since being back home I have been wearing it undone like a little jacket with dresses. I can see myself wearing this loads!

A close second would have to be a coral jumper my Auntie spotted in the sale for £3.00. Again I have been wearing this none stop. Mainly like a jumper dress with leggings on my days at home. I bought it really oversized for this reason.

I purchased some loungewear in Primark including a nightdress with ‘Tres Chic’ on the front. I cheated a little with this item as I have been wearing it out as a T-shirt dress. I thought I could get away with this quite easily due to the style of it. In addition I purchased two pairs of lounge trousers. I prefer the black ones to the peach coloured ones as they can be worn out.

Lastly I we went into Wilko and I spotted a really sweet notebook for £1.00 and I just love it. What a little bargain! I got some Hotel Chocolate and a cute folder as souvenirs but didn’t photograph these.

Have you picked up any similar items? What was your fav thing that I bought? X

Marks & Spencer’s
Blue stripe linen shirt £28.00 (Buy here)

Coral oversized jumper SALE £3.00

Black chic t-shirt dress £5.00
Black joggers with logo £8.00
Peach joggers with logo £8.00

Selfie exercise book £1.00 (Buy here)